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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Former BEHS Teacher Celebrates 80th Birthday

Former BEHS teacher Von Ritchie celebrated his 80th birthday early in December with his photo in the Box Elder News Journal. 

Von was our World Geography, American History and Drivers Ed teacher. 

Photo scanned from 1968 Year Book
We posted a notice on our Facebook Group page and got lots of fond memories of Mr Ritchie. Some are included here and hope others will be added in the comments below. 

"I had Mr Ritchie for Drivers Ed. in 1973"
Kathi Lund Johnston

"I had him for Drivers Ed too! He walks to the temple every week. I didn't realize he was 80! He gets around really well!"
Karen Christensen 

"Sir Richie versus Howard Gittins for Driver's Ed (and I think Beckstead was also in the mix)... "
Scotty TooTall Nielsen

"I remember when I took my driving test. Blew it the first time. Examiner said to make a left turn onto Forrest Street. I made the left turn but came up short and went to the left of the island that was there instead of the right. Passed the second time though. Practiced with dad who took me out west of town. Driving down a dirt rode about 45 MPH ... dad said make a right at an upcoming lane... Missed the lane, went down the side of the road and right through a barbed wire fence. LOL. Dad said I should slow down next time I want to make a turn. Must have learned my lessons... only two accidents ever since and one wasn't my fault. Some kid plowed into my rear end on the 5400 South offramp in Salt Lake .. coming off to fast."
Ray Friess 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Michael R. Shelby 1951-2014

Our alumni class suffered a recent loss, Michael Shelby passed away this last weekend to an apparent heart attack. He has been added to our classmate memorial page. He was remarkable man with many talents and a friend to many of us. We extend our condolences to his family. The recent photo below is from our 40th class reunion held in August 2009. There is a place on his memorial page for comments from anyone who would like to comment and all are welcome. Please leave a name with your comment. He will be cremated and there will be a service at a later time to celebrate his life and we hope to notify you when that will happen. 


Michael Ralph Shelby

Birth:  May 10, 1951

Death date: Nov 20, 2014 
Place of death: Salt Lake City, Utah

Poetry Blog 

Memorial Page


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Band playing at our 45th Class Reunion

Special performance from a musical band composed of 3 classmates and 2 classmates' spouses  from left to right: Lynn Hulme, Gary Dunn, Darryl Erdmann (drums) and David & Kathi Johnston

Looking forward to our 50th Class reunion in August 2019

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Release of Digital Reunion Booklet

Revised Digital Reunion Booklet

Check your email box for a new email with links to the revised digital Reunion Booklet. The private links will not be posted here. If we have your email address but you have not received an email from us today (08/27/2014), check your Spam or Junk folder. If our email is not there, contact us at BEHS.Classof1969@Gmail.Com and we will double check your contact info.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Successful 45th Class Reunion

Our class reunion held on 2 August 2014 was a success thanks to help from many classmates under the direction of Barbara Bywater Stokes! Thanks to all of those who attended!!

Special thanks to:  

  • Reunion Committee - Robert Anderson, Bob Holmes, Val Ann Kidd Tappen, Kathy Wiley Neibert, Elizabeth Richman Taylor and Chuck Kimber
  • Performers -  Lynn Hulme, Gary Dunn, Darryl Erdmann, David & Kathy Johnston
  • Guest Speaker - Wes Bowman Music, Chorus & Madrigals Director
  • Maddox Lodge & Randy Braegger and his staff
There were 93 classmates there including the guest speaker and his wife Carolyn. 

Barbara was unanimously voted as our reunion chairperson for the 50th class reunion to be held on the first Saturday of August 2019. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

BEHS Class of 1969 45th Reunion

Our 45th Class Reunion has been set for Saturday, August 2, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. Social gathering, 7:00 PM group photo and then dinner at the Maddox Lodge.

Planning committee: Barbara Bywater Stokes (435-720-1920), Robert Anderson, ValAnn Kidd Tappen, Kathy Wiley Kathy Wiley Godfrey Neibert, Elizabeth Richman Taylor, Chuck Kimber 

A notice for the reunion was mailed only to those classmates we do not have an email contact info for. This is a change to what was posted earlier and we are sorry for the confusion. 

This post and an email will serve as your invitation to the reunion along with your RSVP, Questionnaire and payment. 
  • The invitation includes a Questionnaire form to mark your choice of entree: Turkey Steak, Salmon or Spicy Top Sirloin. 
  • The cost for the Dinner is $70 per couple or $35 single. The price includes soft drink, dessert, gratuity, the cost of door prizes, mailing fees a reunion Booklet. Dinners include green salad, steamed vegetable, baked potato, rolls and corn-pones, ice cream and unlimited soda bar Coke or Pepsi. 
  • The Questionnaires will be combined into a paper Reunion Booklet and for those not attending it can may be purchased for $6.00 or you can elect to receive a free paperless digitized PDF format by email a short time after the reunion. The invitation and questionnaire form are available online to print. Please fill out the questionnaire and return it whether you are coming or not.  Or a typed version
  • Those attending the reunion will get their booklet at the dinner and orders for the Information booklet will be taken and paid for by the end of the reunion and then once we know the quantity, more will be printed and mailed out at a reasonable time later. 
  • Send in your payment soon. The food orders must be turned into Maddox by 20 July 2014 in order to get supplies ready so that is our deadline. We are prepaying the bill and they discourage us from taking payments at the reunion.
  • Send your check payments with the questionnaire as soon as possible or if you prefer, a Paypal button has been added below this post for those who wish to pay with a Paypal account or credit card. 
  • Make your checks payable to "BEHS Class of '69" and mail them to: 
BEHS Class of '69 
c/o Barbara Bywater Stokes 
264 North 600 West 
Brigham City, UT 84302 

  • Questions can be addressed to Barbara at: BeeNurse@Live.com Or to: BEHS.Classof1969@gmail.com 
  • RSVP Chart link: The RSVP chart will be visible so we can see who is going and compile a list for Maddox. Mark whether you can come or not and your choices.  
  • Make sure we have your Current Contact info

  • What: 45th 1969 BEHS Class Reunion
  • When: August 2, 2014 at 6:00pm
  • Where: Maddox Lodge, 1900 South Highway 89, Perry, Ut 84302
  • Who: Your RSVP & Payment by July 20th

~*~ Use Paypal to pay instead of mailing a check ~*~
~*~ Dinner for 2: $70 or Single Dinner $35. $6 if you cannot attend and want an Info Booklet $6 ~*~

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Take a virtual tour of BEHS

I recently decided to take a virtual drive counter clockwise around the block of BEHS using Google Maps. Use the photos below or use the link to take your own tour.

Google tour BEHS Facing west 
Google tour BEHS Facing west a few yards north
Google tour BEHS Facing west at the North end of the block
Google tour BEHS Facing North across the football field
Google tour BEHS Facing north east
Google tour BEHS Facing east south of the football field
Google tour BEHS Facing east on the south side of the block  

Google tour BEHS Facing North on the south side of the block 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Where are they Now? Coach Dunn

Coach Les Dunn just celebrated his 88th birthday in January 2014 and we wish him well! Coach is shown here with daughter, Debbie, wife, Marion, and Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan at the Utah Coaches Hall of Fame banquet for the induction of Jerry Sloan.
Left to right, daughter Debbie Dunn Allred, Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan, wife Marion Dunn and Coach Les Dunn
Coach Dunn continued to coach after we graduated until 1970-71 when he moved to the district office and was placed over adult and community education, as well as other various assorted responsibilities to which he was assigned.

Coach then retired and continues to play trumpet and sing with his band the Swinging Singles and volunteers to play Taps at veterans funeral services.

Swinging Singles

1980 photo of Family

Coach earned his teaching degree at Utah State University in 1949 and moved his family to Idaho for a year to teach and coach. He returned to Utah State where he completed a Master of Education degree. During the fall of that year, 1950, Gary was born. That summer the family moved to Fort Bragg, California where he coached various sports, taught, and was the city recreation director. After three years, he was given a position at a small college in Auburn, Calif., where he stayed for only one year, as it proved to be an unpleasant experience. He then moved the family to Vallejo,Calif., but taught and coached in Crockett, and was also the town's recreation director. In the summer of 1960, he was given the positions of head football, swimming, and track coach of Box Elder High School, and Brigham City's recreation director, where he remained for 11 years before transferring to the Box Elder School District Office.

As a coach, he had the unfathomable record of 70% wins in all three sports, football, swimming, track, over his career, and was honored with plaques from the Deseret News to commemorate his successes. He was later inducted into the Utah Coaches Hall of fame.

Coach Dunn continued his education, receiving his Education Specialist Degree from the University of Utah and his Doctor of Education from Brigham Young University.

He and his wife Marion are enjoying their retirment years. They have 6 children (one passed away as an infant), 17 grandchildren, and 14 great-grand children. They still live across from the high school in the original home they purchased upon moving to Brigham City.

Coach & Wife Marion at our 4th Class Reunion

BEHS Class of 1969 Football Team 7-3 Win Record

Monday, January 27, 2014

Making Preparations for our 45th Class Reunion

Working with our Reunion Chairperson Barbara Bywater Stokes to put together a commitee to plan our 45th class reunion. It will be held sometime in July or August this summer 2014. Please contact us thru our class email address or use our contact page to make sure we have your contact info even if you are not able to attend. We'd like to stay in touch:


Or ----> Click this Link <----

Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Kathryn Christensen Umbreit


On a sad note this morning I learned from David Arthur Johnston and Joyce Keller that our classmate Kathryn Christensen Umbreit passed away last week. Our condolences to her family.


After graduating from Box Elder High, she went to BYU and Weber State where she studied to become a caring Respiratory Therapist. She retired after 30 years of service from Alta View Hospital in 2012. She married Douglas R. Umbreit and they enjoyed a happy marriage for 33 Years before he passed away (September 2011). They are now together on the next part of their journey.

She was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer just 4 months ago.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the LDS Stake Center located at 1911 East 14110 South Draper, Utah 84020. A viewing will be 9:30 to 10:40 a.m. at the Church. Interment will be at 3:00 p.m. in the Brigham City Cemetery.

- See more at:http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/saltlaketribune/obituary.aspx?n=kathryn-umbreit&pid=169151660

A card and any collected donations will be sent to the family on behalf of our class and will include a list of those who donated. Send checks by mail made to BEHS Class of 1969/Memorial to Barbara's address: 264 N. 600 W. Brigham City UT 84302 or use Paypal at this link below: