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(Double click photo for more options to view photo) Over 40 years of BEHS Class of 1969 Reunion Photos
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

8th Grade Group Photo Added

Jean Barnum Hancey just contributed this 8th grade group photo.

From BEHS Class of 1969 Photos
(Double click the photo to use the album magnifyer for a larger view. Click down and hold mouse button on the photo to drag the view to different locations in the photo)

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Live Chat Added to web page

Just click on the LIVE CHAT link to go to a page and enter your first name and login to a free chat service. Invite your friends, family and classmates to click the link and hold a chat for as long as you want about anything you want. The chat is private between those listed in the Chat Lobby.

The new live chat is one place for everyone to chat.
  • Hold a family or business meeting there.
  • Just click the Link in the Link section of this web page
  • You don't have to register to use Live Chat
  • You don't have to load software to use Live Chat
  • Talk about anything
  • Come back as often as you want
  • It is free and there is no Fee!
Don't forget to turn on your speakers and start the 60s Juke box on the main page to listen to classic hits from the 60s! Have a great week!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Web page updates

Added Some Changes to the web page recently:

Added a link on the home page to add your personal contact information so we can keep it current. Click the link and add your information. It will not be collected and will be kept private. The contact info will be used to contact you about future activities and reunions. Please take a minute and go to this link and add your info. UPDATE Your Current Info

Added a new optional method to enter your Bio info to the web page using an Entry Form. Click Entry Form to view it.

Added an Email form. Some Classmates have been confused as to how to send an email to Barbara or the web page. Now you can either copy the email address into your email service or click on the Email address behs.classof1969@gmail.com and you will be taken to a form to fill out your email question or comment.

Added new visitor counters. The web pages average about 50 visitors each week. Some family members of have made comments on the Memorial page. The comments and visitor count can be view on each page. Look for the links.

Added a Message Board for those who would like to start a discussion with Classmates. Click to view: Message Board

Hope that the web page helps. Please send your comments, questions or suggestions to the class email.
Bob Holmes

BEHS Class of 1969