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(Double click photo for more options to view photo) Over 40 years of BEHS Class of 1969 Reunion Photos
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Monday, August 31, 2009

New Mantua Elementary Class Photos

Jean Barnum Hancey just contributed some New Elementary Class Photos from Mantua, Utah taken in her 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. During this time in Mantua, multiple grades were taught together by the same teacher. (Double click the photo for a larger view)
From BEHS Class of 1969 Photos
From BEHS Class of 1969 Photos
From BEHS Class of 1969 Photos
From BEHS Class of 1969 Photos
From BEHS Class of 1969 Photos
From BEHS Class of 1969 Photos

Monday, August 24, 2009

Carol Porter Floyd Added her Bio

Carol Porter Floyd Added her Bio today! Check it out!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mass Email Mailing Today

Just sent off a mass class email to classmates. Out of a class of 374, I only managed to collect 75 email addresses from the reunion booklet. Hope I have good email addresses. If you did not get an email today, please contact me at this address: BEHS.Classof1969@Gmail.com

Bob Holmes

Class Web page notice

-~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~-

Hello Classmates;

Barbara was very pleased with the success for the 40th reunion and appreciates all of you who were able to attend. She is hoping for all of you and more to return in 5 years at the 45th reunion to be held again at the Goble Lodge. The date will likely be in August so watch for emails or the web page for notices in May and June of 2014. Where possible, event notices will also be placed on Classmates.com, Facebook.com and the high school alumni reunion page. We hope you will use the web page to stay in touch and keep us posted of major events in your life.

I am writing from the class email address so please make note of it and let me know if you prefer future emails go to a different email address. Please send a reply so that I can confirm that I have a good email address for you. If you would prefer not to be contacted from time to time about class activities, please send a note back requesting that your address be removed. This is a mass email using addresses I have collected from Facebook profiles and the reunion booklet. My list includes only 93 classmates so pass this info along.

Even though our personal email addresses may change over time, we hope to keep this email address so that you can keep in touch for future activities and reunions. Another way to keep in touch is to use the BEHS class of 1969 web page: http://behsclassof1969.blogspot.com/

The web page has lots of information about the recent reunion and lots of contact info. The web page consists of 4 pages and the links can be found along the right side. There is some 60's era music playing on some of the pages. We have a memorial page for classmates and a tribute page for teachers who have passed on. Comments can be added to any of the posts by using the anonymous choice without belonging to any other organization. We hope you will include a name and email address with any comments. We have received some very thoughtful comments so far and they are located underneath each post.

The class bio page is a place you can post your information by sending an email to the special address there or to this email address so you can post your information like those that are listed.

Plans for an informal class reunion picnic will be held on a date in conjunction with Peach Days beginning next year for all of those interested in participating. A location will be picked and everyone will bring their own food and beverage and join in the fun. We hope to make that a tradition each year after that. For those planning to go to Peach Days this year, get in touch with Barbara for a gathering that might include Dude (James Ross) this year.

This email is intended to establish contact with you by email and let you know about the web page. Please let me know if I have misspelled yours or your spouses name or any corrections we need to make to our records. Please take advantage of the class bio page to let everyone know how you are doing. It will hold all the info and photos you want to send. Instructions are on the bio page so it is as easy as emailing your info to the special email address and attaching photos.

Have a great Month!

Bob Holmes

Class page Webmaster

-~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~- -~~-

BEHS Class of 1969

Class page -->
Memorial Page -->

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Added Ford & Dianne Bush Reeder's Bio

I added 2 of our classmates to the Bio web page. Recently got in touch with Ford & Dianne Bush Reeder by email. They would like to hear from other classmates so I posted their info as a photo for their security. Check it out.


Bob Holmes

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

40th Reunion Photos

Lily Portz has provided the first of the photos of the Reunion dinner so far. She and I have tried to put names on the classmates and I could use some help to correct any that are wrong or missing. Send an email or post a comment.
Bob Holmes

(Double click photo for more options to view photo)

From BEHS Class of 1969 Photos

From BEHS Class of 1969 Photos

Monday, August 17, 2009

BEHS High School Demo Photos

Just posting some photos that Barbara Bywater Stokes took of the high school demolition taken back in mid July. The new classrooms are expected to be ready for students to return to classes around the end of the month. The auditorium and basketball gym are still intact.

(Double click photo for more options to view photos)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

5th & 6th Grade School Photos added

I found 2 grade school photos in Barbara's collection at the reunion that we did not have on the class web page and I have added them here with the names. I believe they are from the Lincoln School. They are Mrs Kay's 5th grade and Mr Anderson's 6th grade classes. Let me know if I need to make corrections. There are other photos out there so please send them attached to an email to the class email.
Bob Holmes

(Double click Slides for more options to view individual photos)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

WoodStock 40th Reunion

Barbara wrote this morning and wanted to post a reminder of the 40th anniversary of WoodStock held the summer of our graduating year. I found a few links for those who wanted more:

"In the early morning hours of Sunday, August 17, 1969, forty years ago this Sunday, the Jefferson Airplane took the stage at Woodstock. As the first band booked to play the festival, they were supposed to have played a headline slot on Saturday night, but like so many other artists, their set was interminably delayed. The Airplane had the unenviable task of following the Who, but they were at the peak of their powers, with their original lineup still intact, and the great piano player Nicky Hopkins sitting in." Quote from: http://popdose.com/happy-40th-woodstock/



A new look back is coming to theaters this month:

Bob Holmes

Peach Days 2009

Schedule of Events
September 9 - 12, 2009


"Among the many assets of Brigham City is the history and heritage that exists. Started in 1904 as a day-off from the harvest and time to celebrate "an abundance of the best peaches in Utah", this city-wide event is the longest continually celebrated harvest festival in Utah, and is reported to be the second oldest in the country. Peach Days is an honored tradition that brings approximately 75,000 spectators a fun-filled weekend that the Top of Utah and Southern Idaho residents look forward to every year. The event takes place in September, the weekend following Labor Day."


Bob Holmes

Friday, August 14, 2009

Email reply from Dude


From: Jim Ross 6:24 AM (1 hour ago) Reply Follow up message Thanks for sending that. I am doing well and will be recovered soon. Thanks for the update. Would have loved to had been at the reunion. Look forward to Peach Days. Brigham is my favorite place. Along with Bear Lake. Thanks. Dude

Thursday, August 13, 2009

James "Dude" Ross

Our sweet, Southern Gentleman has been through a lot in the last few days!! On Friday evening, while at home, Dude blacked out and fell forward apparently due to bradicardia (low pulse rate - VERY low pulse rate 30-40 beats per minute). His wife came home to find him on the kitchen floor, bleeding from an open wound (and a fractured nose). That is when she called Emergency Services and the ambulance took him to the local hospital.

He was then transported to a large Medical Center in Charlotte, where he underwent two separate procedures. He's now sporting a pacemaker.......

He has just returned home today and sounds great! It was my pleasure to speak to him this evening. Please call, email, send cards and if you are close by, stop in to see him. (How's that, Dude!?) Pass the word along to any of our classmates and share this information with them. Dude is looking forward to hearing from Box Elder Class of 1969.

Also, if you have any pictures from the reunion last Saturday, please contact Bob Holmes (use the class email address or facebook) if you have some questions as to how to get the pictures transferred. Dude would love to see how good lookin' we really are.

He will be in Brigham City for Peach Days so we just might have to have a mini reunion at the B&B or in my backyard, if needs be.
Thanks to all of you for your support of the reunion and now in support of James "Dude" Ross - what a guy!
Love to All,
Barbara Bywater

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Comments from Barbara about the reunion

Comments on Facebook from Barbara to Randy Lane's sister Dianne Delancey about how the reunion went: Sunday 8/9/09

Dianne: Hey ! How did the class reunion go? I hope you all had a good time .. Looking forward to see the pictures...

Barbara Bywater Stokes: It was GREAT!!! I wish we could do it once a month. We had a great turn out and NOBODY looks old. We are all still seventeen in our hearts and I'm so glad. There is a special closeness among our classmates and it was hard to leave one another at the end of the evening. We have decided to have yearly summer picnic and then, of course, every five years the big fancy get t
ogether. Thanks for your interest and support. Everyone, especially Bob Holmes, is getting the picture stuff up and going - I'm excited to see every one's pictures. Take care. Barb
Sun at 10:22pm

Comments on Facebook from Jean Barnum Hancey to Barbara about the reunion. Monday 8/10/09
Jean: You had a very successful reunion :-) Way to go. So what was the big purple surprise that you talked about?

Barbara: We had purple and white M&M's, some of the seats from the Roxy Theater, some bricks from the demolition of the high school ( they are kind of purple), purple flowers on the tables and purple cloth napkins. We had wonderful music on a baby grand piano by Linda Hansen Perry and Gary Dunn and Bob Steed sang a medley (sp? my eyes are tired) and an unbelievable presentation of the memorial of our classmates who have passed. The food was just wonderful and the dessert was Snicker ice cream pie with lots of Carmel and dark chocolate on it! Yikes!! And lots of fun door prizes. Coach Dunn came & brought his wife and gave a patriotic talk and then at the close of his talk he asked all veterans to stand and he saluted them. It's about time that we recognized our guys who served and say thanks to them. The applause was long and loud. It was all very nice, I just wish you could have been there ... hope you are well and happy

Jean: You did have purple :-))) The dessert sounds really good...it would go well with diet Dr. pepper :) Everything sounds perfect. I would have loved to have been there, but I did feel a part of it with all the talk before, pictures during, and talk after....You are awesome!! Can't wait to get my booklet.


Photo taken by Karen Christensen and posted on Facebook

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reunion Feedback

I hope everyone who attended the reunion had a great time. From my perspective, the 40th class reunion was a big hit for all those who attended. It was a great time, with lots of prizes, music and most of all seeing people after so many years.

Thanks to Barbara Stokes, Robert Anderson, Kathy Wiley Neibert and Chuck Kimber and all those who helped to make this a success. Barbara is already planning a 45th reunion so keep an eye on Facebook and the class web page for details. There were lots of photographers there last night so I hope they will share their photos with all of us and I will post them on the web page.

Dell's wife Connie posted a copy of the group photo on Facebook and I have added it to the web page collection. Due to a mix up with the photographer, we had to rely on the spouses of classmates to take the photos and we are hoping that photographers will email copies to the class email address at:


Bob Holmes

Photo taken by Connie Smith and posted on Facebook

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Class Reunion & Mobile Photos

I took some photos on the way to the reunion Saturday night and added them to the Class Reunion photos.
Bob Holmes

(Double click Slides for more options to view individual photos)

BEHS Class of 1969 40th Class Reunion

On Saturday, August 8, 2009, we will have our dinner and program at the Maddox/Goble Lodge, 1950 South Hwy 89, Perry, Utah (MAP). It is located just south of the main Maddox building . We will begin with a social hour at 6:00 p.m., group photo at about 7:00 p.m. and dinner to follow. Along with the program, we will have some special awards, a few door prizes and hopefully a few words from some former faculty members.

Reunion Questionaire
Reunion Invitation

RSVP 20 July 2009


Thursday, August 6, 2009

List of those attending 40th Class Reunion Update

Barbara just sent a list of those attending the 40Th class reunion on Saturday. I have turned it into a photo list so the individual names are not search-able online. Double click on the photo for a larger view.
Bob Holmes

Re: 40th Reunion & Mike Morgan

Thanks for writing Mike! Great to hear from you. The Maddox food should be great too.
Sorry you won't be able to make it to the reunion but I hope to have some reunion coverage on the new class web page http://behsclassof1969.blogspot.com/ and there is quite a group of classmates on Facebook ... Facebook is better than Classmates because it is free to use. I will try to keep the free class web page up to date for those who don't want to be on Facebook. Please consider sending an email bio update to this address and it will post for classmates to catchup. instructions are at this web site: http://69classbio.blogspot.com/
Email address to send bio and photos
We'll keep your email address and send updates occasionally. Hope to see you soon or at least by the 50th!
Bob Holmes

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 9:13 AM, Mike MORGAN;(email by request only); wrote:
I just recently was searching for information about our 40th reunion when I found the web site with your email address and bio. Sounds like life has been interesting. I won't be able to make it to the reunion but please pass on my regards and best wishes to those who are there. I have every intention of being around long enough to make it to our 50th.
Have a good time at Maddox! I still remember their hamburgers at the drive in!
Stay in touch.
Mike Morgan

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kirsten Jensen Kobler added her bio

Kirsten Jensen Kobler added her Bio today. Check it out!