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Friday, November 11, 2016

Honoring Veterans Day 2016

Paying Tribute to 12 of our past Classmates who served our country in our armed forces
Honoring all of our past and present Veterans who served and sacrificed for America

1951-2015 John Andrew Kozee - US Navy Veteran
1950-2014 William C. Fillmore Utah Army National Guard
1951-2013 Danny E Hauenstein  - US Air Force
1950- 2013 Craig C. Lewis - US Marines
1951-2013 Jay R. Meadows - Us Navy  E-7 Chief Missile Technician
1951-2006 Marta North Minchey Mallard - Major, Army Reserves
1951-2004 William Byron Redfield - US Army, Served in Vietnam 
1951-1997 Larry Richard Hills - Utah Army National Guard
1950-1994 Billy Wayne Kofoed - US Army, Served in Vietnam
1951-1987 David J. Merritt - US Army, Served in Vietnam
1950-1987 Tim Duane Perry - US Army, Served in Vietnam
1950-1978 Steven Dale Grover - US Army Air Corp, Served in Vietnam

Home of the Brave and Land of the Free

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