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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Added Fontell Messervy's Obituary to our Teacher Tribute Page

Special thanks goes out to classmate Karen J Tam :-) for finding the obituary for Fontell Messervy, one of our teachers who passed away in 2005. Fontell retired from the educational system in 1978 after 39 years of dedicated service to the teaching profession. Her obituary has been added to our Teacher Tribute page.

We appreciate leads to and copies of obituaries for any of our teachers from Box Elder who passed on to the other side. ♥ 


Fontell Clifford Messervy

StageCrafts Teacher

Birth: 3 Apr 1920 Menan, ID
Spouse: Don Carlos Messervy
Children: 2
Parents: Albert Nephi and Alice Ann Alder Messervy
Death date: 10 Apr 2005
Place of death: Clearfield, Utah


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